Winter Program 2020/21: Our protection concept


Dear friends,


We’re looking forward to welcoming you to the mountains in the coming winter season. In view of the exceptional circumstances caused by COVID-19, we are required to take specific measures in relation to the organization of our tours and courses in the interests of all our health.

We are complying with the requirements of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) and following the protection concept of the Swiss Mountain Guide Association (SBV). The mountain huts and hotels we visit must also have implemented a protection concept in accordance with government guidelines. The same applies for mountain railways and lifts.

All winter courses and tours can be booked as normal. We will act fairly with regard to any programs that would need to be canceled due to the Coronavirus outbreak and will refund your deposit in full.


All guests who take part in an offer from the Mammut Alpine School receive a free Mammut face mask for protection.


If you have any questions or require further clarification about the situation with regard to COVID-19, we will be happy to provide additional information.


Best regards

Franz Widmer

Head of Mammut Alpine School

Health self-check

Before a tour, each participant must carry out a health self-check. To take part in a tour or course, participants and mountain guides/hiking leaders must not be

  • infected with COVID-19 or have recovered 14 days previously
  • undergoing medical investigation in relation to COVID-19 infection
  • displaying any undiagnosed symptoms of illness
  • have any acute COVID-19 infections in their close environment (relatives, house-mates, work colleagues, etc.)

We ask guests who undergo a COVID-19 test up to ten days after a visited offer to provide us the information immediately if the result is positive.


Group size/distancing rules

We are operating in small groups of a maximum of 10 people, plus a mountain/hiking guide additionally. The 1.5-meter distance will be maintained whenever possible.

  • For short periods, this 1.5-meter distance can be reduced without additional precautionary measures (e.g. for the partner check)
  • If, in exceptional cases, it is not possible to maintain the 1.5-meter distance for longer periods of time, suitable precautions will be taken depending on the situation (protective masks, improvised masks)
  • As a general rule, physical contact must be avoided entirely (e.g. no handshakes for introductions or farewells)
  • If, in exceptional cases, more intensive physical contact is required over a longer period of time, e.g. in the event of an accident, suitable precautions will be taken depending on the situation (protective masks or improvised masks, gloves)


Travel and transfers

We recommend that you travel to and from the course or tour in your own car. Please note the following requirements:

  • Car-sharing involving people living in different households should be avoided
  • If it is not possible to travel by car, the use of public transport is permitted subject to compliance with precautionary measures (distancing, wearing a protective mask)
  • Minibuses used for transfers will not be occupied to full capacity and precautionary measures will be taken into account (distancing, wearing protective masks)


Overnight stays

In the case of activities taking place over several days, we will stay only in hotels and mountain huts that can guarantee compliance with hygiene and distancing rules.

  • Accommodation will be reserved in advance for all participants.
  • For stays in an SAC mountain hut, participants and mountain guides/hiking leaders must bring their own hut sleeping bag and pillow case as well as protective masks (2 masks for each overnight stay), sanitizer and a towel.
  • Participants and mountain guides/hiking leaders must carry any garbage from the hut back down to the valley


Risk group

The FOPH recommends that people belonging to any risk group do not take part in group activities and stay at home.


Further information/protective concepts



CH +41 (0)62 769 81 83
DE +49 (0)8334 36 20 362
AT +43 (0)7252 46051 4444


Dear guests

We hope that all of you are well and healthy and that you can enjoy the beautiful spring weather, although not in the mountains as hopefully at home.

At the end of last week, the Federal Council informed about the gradual removal of the measures around Covid-19. From 8 June onwards, the ban on events is to be softened. For this reason we have to cancel the offers in May, but we can offer our summer program, which starts in mid-June, as usual. All courses and tours are online and can be booked.


We are looking forward to welcoming you soon in the mountains again.


Best regards

Franz Widmer

Head of Mammut Alpine School



For offers that have to be cancelled due to the Coronavirus, we are obliging and will refund your entire credit.


Dear Mammut Family


At the moment we are going through challenging times, putting us all to test. The Covid-19 spread is hitting us hard in our private and professional lives. For Mammut applies, what is currently true for all people and organizations globally: Together, we must do everything to stop the spread of the virus, flatten the curve and protect the health of our community.


We are implementing the latest directives from the authorities in all markets. Consequently, we try to protect our employees, consumers and partners with sensible business and personal decisions. The extent of the impact is still unknown, and we want to do our part for the overall welfare of the community. Accordingly, we have reduced our operations to a minimum, closed our stores & the Alpine School as long as necessary, and sent our employees to home office if possible. We apologize in advance if there will be delays in orders and customer service requests in the upcoming weeks. We ask for your understanding and patience.




The current development raises also questions that we cannot answer as of today. However, I am convinced that we will find answers in order to master this challenge together and emerge from this situation stronger. As a global organization, we are learning a lot for our future right now. For example, how our Asian employees deal with the situation. As a society based on solidarity, they seem to be slowly recovering and are trying to bring some normality back to life.


The new regulations will be valid until at least the end of April 2020, but we reserve the right to adjust them continuously to current developments. We are in close contact with the authorities in order to keep our community in all countries up to date with the latest developments regarding Covid-19.


Best regards

Oliver Pabst

CEO Mammut Sports Group AG